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Greetings from the Mai Lê Quỳnh hotel. Please complete the form below for a room reservation. We will do our best to answer you back within 24 hours.

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General provisions for the reservation

Room1 night price1 month price
1 double bed (1-2 people)300 000 VND5 500 000 VND
2 single beds (1-2 people)400 000 VND6 000 000 VND
2 doubles beds (1-4 people)600 000 VND7 000 000 VND

Extra single bed: add 150 000 VND/night/bed.

10% discount available for long stay (3 months and over).

All prices are in VND, not including breakfast, VAT or service.

Payment: Visa, MasterCard, vietnamese bank card or cash.